Special thanks to John "Jag" Patuto at cygnus-X1.net, supplying him with the imagery of the plans for his site as they were released. Thanks to him for all his help and support!

In 2005 Shane Johnson (now Lora) was working on a revised Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise. A TMP/TWOK version and ST5/6 version of the Enterprise deck plans were planned to be large foldouts in the book.
Receiving phone calls from Lora to discuss deck layouts was sure a thrill!

The TMP/TWOK version were co-created by Lora Johnson and David Ziels. Frankly they are amazing and I am still in awe of them.

Unfortunately the book was not picked up by Pocket Books. :(
As part of that book I was also to build some of the major rooms locations for the 1701-A in 3D but only completed the Officer's Lounge set. If I was to do it again I'd start from scratch with a different rendering approach with lessons learned from working on "Okja", and "Justice League, and Ford v Ferrari but I received some very nice praise for it from Mr. Michael Okuda who was an adviser to us.