Star Trek® has been in my life as far back as I can remember. I fondly remember watching the repeats through the 1970's (I was born the year that the show ended) and beyond.
Then I went to my first convention.
That opened up an entirely new world of fan-created products to me, especially the tech related items that I saw on the dealer's tables. Reading and going over all of the homemade spiral bound technical manuals, the varous blueprints and deck plans took up a good portion of my youth (well, that and my C-64). I mean, people actually sat down and made these? On their own? As a hobby? Yes please!
This was the genesis of not only spaceship blueprints but the creation of "The Prisoner: The Village Files" published by Titan Books in 2003
and my re-release "Project Prisoner: The Village Technical Manual" in 2016.

My connection to SD began in 1991. Throughout the 90's we worked on various unfinished projects including a possible Next Generation version of Starfleet Dynamics. It didn't really go anywhere and not much was done with it but it led to these sets of deck plans.

Beginning in 2001 I collaborated on creating the blueprints and deck plans that we eventually sold on the SD website when we opened it in 2006. My role was as designer / layout artist / researcher / technical editor as well as the "shipping department". They were in my hands during design and deck layout phase as well as final pass and conversion to printable files and to liaison with the printer - the same one I use for these Cydonia 6 versions.
I was also the liason to John "Jag" Patuto at cygnus-X1.net, supplying him with the imagery of the plans for his site as they were released. Special thanks to him for all his help and support!
During this time I also ended up doing some 3D WIP modelling of some ships to get more of a feel for them, and for fun of course.

Strategic Design and our website folded. I hoped and attempted to resolve the situation but to no avail. After legal advice the conclusion was reached that due to the circumstances I was able to continue selling the SD prints on my own if I so desired.
Which brings us to the creation of Cydonia 6 Ink and the revised versions that are now for sale.
I decided to take the opportunity and make some fixes and improvements to the deck plans. Taking up the mantle involved making changes to virtually every deck of some ships as well as the external views. Big changes, small changes, adding detail, redoing the layout and branding, etc. All dependant on the vessel of course.

As a side note, back in 2005 Shane Johnson was working on a revised Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise. A TMP/TWOK version and ST5/6 version of the Enterprise deck plans were planned to be large foldouts in the book.
The ST5/6 1701-A was going to come from us at SD. Although stylistically similar, to account for what was seen in ST5/6 they would have been quite different in layout from what we sold on the SD website and now Cydonia 6 Ink.. We worked closely with Shane on designing and creating them. Receiving phone calls from Shane Johnson to discuss deck layouts was sure a thrill!

The TMP/TWOK version were co-created by Shane Johnson and David Ziels. Frankly they are amazing and I am still in awe of them.

Unfortunately the project was not picked up by Pocket Books. :(
As part of that book I was also to build some of the major rooms locations for the 1701-A in 3D but only completed the Officer's Lounge set. If I was to do it again I'd start from scratch with a different rendering approach with lessons learned from working on the various show's I've worked on., but I received some very nice praise for it from Mr. Michael Okuda who was an adviser for the book.

Tim Palgut