• How long does it take to receive the deck plans once I’ve ordered them?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. I do my best to print, package, and ship within a reasonable amount of time upon receiving your order.
All orders are processed as they are received. Online tracking is not available.

  • What's with all the watermarks everywhere?

Some recent events have forced me to watermark the images on the site. Many apologies, I hate having to do it.

  • What are the details of the products?

The blueprints are high quality prints on 11 inch by 17 inch "100 lb text" paper. They are packaged in plastic and a Stayflats® cardboard mailer.

  • Will I have to pay customs fees on my order?

Your order may possibly be charged customs fees (taxes, duties, processing fees, brokerage fees, etc) when it arrives. Unfortunately Cydonia 6 Ink has no control over these fees. If you are not familiar with the customs fees in your country, please check with your local customs office for more information. The shipping charges you pay to Cydonia 6 Ink do NOT include customs fees, brokerage fees, or duties. If you refuse to pay the customs fees when your order arrives, the shipment will be returned to Cydonia 6 Ink and I will be charged the customs fees plus return shipping costs. Therefore, I do not issue refunds for customs fees, shipping, or the cost of your order if you refuse to pay the customs fees.
Also, I have no way of estimating customs fees, duties, etc. Please contact your local customs office if you need to know more.
It is possible that the delivery of your order could be delayed due to customs processing. If your order does not arrive after 4 weeks, you should check with your local customs office to see if they are holding the package for payment of fees. Also, some customs offices will send a separate invoice for your customs fees that could arrive several weeks after you receive your shipment. Please be familiar with the customs laws in your country before you order.

  • The site hasn't changed much in a long time, is it still current, are products still for sale?

Yes, the site is current, and I check for orders daily. I am working as fast as I can to bring new ships to you. You guys have been great!
Your emails keep me going! Thanks to everyone!

  • The prices seem a bit high, why is that?

The deck plans are "print on demand" - they are printed as orders come in, so the cost to print them requires that they may be higher than you might be used to from a large retailer.

  • Can I pre-place an order for the ships that aren’t released yet?

Sorry, no.

  • Can I purchase an electronic version of a set of plans? Like a pdf or jpg?

Again, sorry, no.

  • What’s with all of the drop shadows on this site, man? It’s not 1995!

Yeah, I know but I like them.

  • Cydonia 6? What's that supposed to mean?

Mars is one of my fascinations, and the "Face on Mars" is located in the Cydonia region of the planet. Cool sounding word too.
I'm a huge fan of the British TV show "The Prisoner", and the main character is referred to as Number 6 (but he's not a number!).
So I combined them and voila.

  • Anything else I need to know?

Not for internal use! Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever EAT, CHEW, SUCK ON or otherwise incorporate these deck plans into your own body or severe side effects may occur!